Who is BJ Avilla?

I am a pan mythical sci-fi writer, mainly seeking for inter-religious communication, peace, and the view of relative truth and ethics.

I am against all the perverted ideas and paradigms  such as Zionism, extreme nationalism, all types of colonialism, religious and cultural elitism, which have been threatening the world peace for many centuries.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I will appreciate if you leave a any feedback regarding my activities, especially my novels.

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About BJ Avilla

I am a pan-mythical thriller writer, mainly seeking for inter-religious communication, peace, and the view of relative truth. I am against all the perverted ideas and paradigms such as political Zionism and extreme nationalism as well as all types of colonialism, and religious and cultural elitism, which have been threatening world peace for many centuries. Thank you for visiting my blog.
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7 Responses to Who is BJ Avilla?

  1. I am personally not a Zionist but calling it a perverted ideology that threatens peace is a totally warped view of what Zionism is. It’s no more colonialism than claiming the Black Hills in North Americans belong to Native Americans is. For that matte it does not advocate kicking anyone out. I’m not a Zionist due to detailed disagreements on religious issues but such a demonization of Zionism is grossly out of place.

    • bjavilla says:

      Yes I agree with you with some points. However, personally, I cannot agree with Zionism although I am neither Jew or Palestinian; the problem underlying on Zionism is the State of Israel is heavily relying on violence under the name of God. Also, the case of Palestine (or Israel) is completely different from that of native Americans. Please check out the origin of Zionism, which was made in the late of 19th century. I will add for that soon. Thanks.

      • The notion that the violence is perpetuated by Israel or that Israel commits the violence, especially comparatively, is simply absurd. The attack on the airport this morning, the constant rocket attacks still going on, the continual attacks are AGAINST Israel every day. Yet if we defend ourselves from daily attacks, supposedly we are the aggressor. That’s absurd.

        Oh, I’m well aware of the origins of Zionism. I wasn’t comparing “Zionists” here to Native Americans in NA. I was comparing Jews. We have been here continuously for 4,000 years, sometimes in greater numbers, sometimes less, but always here. The Arabs invaded as part of the Army of Islam bout 750 CE.

        We’re both at home here now and the “Palestinians”– who are NOT the same as Israeli Arabs– need to accept that. It cannot be a land for one people or the other; it has to be both. The Zionists are not the ones opposed to that but the “Palestinians” are. Those Arabs for peace and for a multi-ethnic society call themselves “Israeli Arabs” and generally they hate the “Palestinians” passionately.

    • bjavilla says:

      I will try to make people distinguish between Zionism and Judaism; the original Jewish soteriology is completely different from the Zionists’.

    • bjavilla says:

      Why do you think those Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jews have been against Zionism of the state of Israel?
      I hope you read this – http://www.nkusa.org/AboutUs/index.cfm

  2. BJ Avilla says:

    Dear Originalliterature.
    You mentioned various good points, which tells you are not Zionists.
    I agree with your idea that the land of Israel should be both for Jews and Palestinians.
    Therefore, both of them should yield to each other, and trying to make continuous series of peace talks rather than fighting and attacking each other.
    Thank you for your attention as well as your good notes again.
    – BJ.

  3. BJ Avilla says:

    Question to Originalliterature:
    You did distinguish between “Israeli Arabs” and “Palestinians”. My question is how they are different? Are they based on different creeds?
    To exemplify, the difference can be made between Hamas and non-Hamas Palestinians?
    For example, PLO is not “Israeli Arabs”, but “Palestinians”?

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