What is Kalpa? What is Eternity?

 The time concept or system of Hinduism (or Ancient India) is quite sophisticated.

 Although it seems very complicated, the scale of time recognition is much deeper and longer.

 The biggest time unit is a Cycle of Brahma, which is equivalent to 311.04 trillion human years.

In Hinduism, Brahma is the creator of the universe.

 Also, it is equivalent to 2 parardhas = 100 years of Brahma = 1 Para = 1 Mahā-Kalpa, or the lifespan of Brahma.

 50 years of Brahma is called 1 Parārdha and 1 year of Brahma is equal to 3.1104 trillion human years.

 1 day (day only) of Brahma is equal to 1000 Mahā-Yugas and 1 Kalpa; 2 Kalpas constitute a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion human years.

 Indeed, the earth is regarded as 4.54 billion years, which is almost equivalent to one Kalpa.

 In Buddhism and Hinduism, one Kalpa or 4.32 billion human years can be regarded almost as the infinite time period for human beings although we accept countless rebirth and reincarnations.

 Thus, is it possible to think about the limit of time concept?

 See the image, which tells the general concept of the time frame of ancient India.

Please see the link for more information.



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