Which God ordered the U.S. to break a war at this time?

What you’re watching here is the US choosing not to go to the UN and make an argument. Iraq hangs in the background, a blacked bridge burnt by Bush. The US is going to preempt UN because it already knows what the UN inspectors are going to say and they’re too slow, if they even do anything.

Yes, as usual, the US is trying to break a war under the name of God. Which God am I asking? Did God allow them to break a war, even ignoring UN?
What are they trying to protect??

As you see my philosophy, I am against any of ideology and religion that threats the world peace!


About BJ Avilla

I am a pan-mythical thriller writer, mainly seeking for inter-religious communication, peace, and the view of relative truth. I am against all the perverted ideas and paradigms such as political Zionism and extreme nationalism as well as all types of colonialism, and religious and cultural elitism, which have been threatening world peace for many centuries. Thank you for visiting my blog.
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2 Responses to Which God ordered the U.S. to break a war at this time?

  1. BJ Avilla says:

    Why do they care so much about another country’s civil war? What kind of permission do they have over UN?

  2. BJ Avilla says:

    Some says, “Asking America not to engage in war is like asking the French not to make croissants.” Lots of Laugh, guys. 🙂

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