What does ‘INTELLIGENCE CODE’ refer to?

In my novel, ‘INTELLIGENCE CODE’, the ‘intelligence’ refers to military and political information mainly based on the U.S. settings while the ‘code’ has double meanings in the story on the basis of a dictionary definition; the first one refers to a system for communication and a set of symbolized contents or messages, around many religious traditions as shown in this story, which needs to be deciphered if necessary; the second implication does to a systematically arranged collection or compendium of laws, rules, or regulations for the Mythical Heroes. In this story, the term ‘intelligence code’ is more implied with the second combination, as ‘information for the collective rules and laws in terms of heroic ethics’ although it was initially written to decipher the code around the symbol, Triskelion of the Celtic religion, Druidry. On the other hand, the three refers to the the three main characters Collins (IRA General with Excalibur), Irene (Druid Magician & Bio-chemist with the Holy Grail), and Remiscu (U.S. General with the Holy Lance).


[Triskelion Symbol – a Code to be deciphered in this novel]

– See the Synopsis –

Pan-Mythical Novel, ‘intelligence CODE’ (Author bj avilla) to be published sept. 2013,

*** This Story is dealing with a perverted P.I.R.A.’s Hero, Thomas Collins, behaving as if he was a reincarnation of a legendary Celtic hero, King Arthur under the control of the U.S. intelligence activities, managed by general Remiscu. Thomas Collins developed the most fatal bio weapon with the help of his wife, Irene who was a Druid magician, and he was threatening the world peace especially England and Israel. Nevertheless, the perverted hero named, Thomas Collins, was also prophesized as a warrior for the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jews that was against Zionism of the State of Israel; Later, the Haredi and Collins moved to Kashmir, following their prophet Yuz Asaf’s (=Issa, Isha, Jesus Christ) message, to build a new Jewish kingdom there while Collins also retrieved Excalibur of King Arthur according to the prophecy. In the end, Thomas Collins, a reincarnation of King Arthur fought against the U.S. general Kevin Remiscu who is also an old friend of Thomas Collins’. Collins fought with Remiscu to achieve the invincible power for the Holy Grail, reserved in a lake near Kashmir. However, the fight led both of them being killed by each other. Irene was brought to the U.S. by the president so that she became to help to resolve the conflicts between the Black Druids and Luciferian Illuminati in the U.S. In the end, one scientist of the black Druids escaped from the U.S. to North Korea to sell the top intelligence date of the U.S. while Irene was assassinated by the U.S. Luciferian Illuminati. The story would continue in the setting of the East Asian countries as well as in the neighbouring countries to Kashmir to reveal who would be the real messiah to save the entire world against Luciferianism.***


About BJ Avilla

I am a pan-mythical thriller writer, mainly seeking for inter-religious communication, peace, and the view of relative truth. I am against all the perverted ideas and paradigms such as political Zionism and extreme nationalism as well as all types of colonialism, and religious and cultural elitism, which have been threatening world peace for many centuries. Thank you for visiting my blog.
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