Book promotion services and softwares really work?

This is the service list I found so far.
Let me know if you have ever used from the list.
Also, let us share if you have any good experience with anybody else.

Thank you.

* Make Your eBook A Kindle Bestseller:

– Author of HOW TO MAKE TWO HUNDRED A DAY USING TWITTER. Support Indie Authors!

* John Kremer – Book marketing is what I do. I teach people how to market their ebooks/books, both online and off. Promote your books:

* Indie Author News –

* The Independent Author Network –

* Author Alliance –

* –

* Book Cover Ad –

* Media Exposure Marketing –

* Joey Pinkney – Author Interviews and Book Reviews. Author/Book Promo Packages – (



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I am a pan-mythical thriller writer, mainly seeking for inter-religious communication, peace, and the view of relative truth. I am against all the perverted ideas and paradigms such as political Zionism and extreme nationalism as well as all types of colonialism, and religious and cultural elitism, which have been threatening world peace for many centuries. Thank you for visiting my blog.
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