[M. Self Publishing] Why I returned AK Elite!

As an Indi-publisher, wishing to make money from my published eBook on Amazon Kindle, I write a candid review about the Amazon marketing tool, ‘AK Elite’, after I tried a couple of weeks.

Neither I am not related to the software nor I am promoting something else for any eBook marketing tool.

I was and still am looking for a better tool to promote my book, and I found ‘AK Elite’ was exaggerated in terms of its function and effectiveness for marketing your books on Amazon Kindle. 

check the product – http://www.akelite.com/

Do you want to know why I returned the AK Elite software? Let me explain it according to my real experiences.

1.  AK Elite is NOT a marketing tooBUT an Amazon search engine analysis tool! In other words, there is no myth to make a lot of money from using the software as was advertised on the website!

 [note] My genre goes to ‘Sci-Fi > religious fiction > alternate history’ or ‘Sci-Fi> magical realism’

(1) It is okay to know the competition of your genre. My genre goes generally under ‘sci-fi’;

Please see the competition analysis on AK Elite

[click to see a bigger image]

 As you see, the competition of ‘Sci Fi’ is more than 80,000. In other words, if you upload your book with the key word of  ‘Sci Fi’, your book will be ranked uner 80,000. If you say there are 10 books on a search result with the keyword, your book will be located after on the page, 8,000. There is no body who would go to the page 8,000 from their search results.

I agree. It is very good to know how competitive your  genre is.

 So, I decided to check ‘religious fiction’

[click to see a bigger image]

Is there any possibility to show your book in an earlier page with the keyword ‘religious fiction’? Still no because the competition is more than 17,000 with the key word.

 So, I decided to try the keyword, ‘Religious Hoax’

[click to see a bigger image]

 Yes, it is now ranked on the fourth on the first page!

But,. who is going to search on Amazon with ‘religious hoax’?

 Ok. let’s try ‘Alternate History’

[click to see a bigger image]

 Yes, it has still more than 1,000 competitions.

 So, is there any way to bump up your ranking by using ‘AK Elite’?


 AK Elite cannot bump up your ranking; only verified purchases and their real reviews will count for your ranking of the book in each category according to Amazon’s strict policy.

Even with my book title INTELLIGENCE CODE on Amazon, the only way to bump up your book is the record of your book purchase and the qualified reviews from the direct book buyers.

 [click to see a bigger image]

2. AK Elite – Reviewer finding function

This is the example of using ‘4. Find Book Reviewers’. and I first found it could be useful. Please see the image, showing the search result under the genre, ‘religious fiction’.

   [click to see a bigger image]

As you see there is not enough useful information to contact the reviewers especially on this result. Most of reviewers’ information is not revealed. The available reviewers are mostly the commercial ones, who do reviews of your books if you pay for them. It is very easy to find them on-line, but there is no guarantee for the quality.

IN CONCLUSION there is no myth from using the software! The only way to bump up your book on a top rank is to find more readers and reviewers of your books regarding your genre. Therefore, it is possible to find your genre under a right category with your own research.

 Although the software could help you a little bit to set up your key word set up, the 

benefits of the software is very limited in my opinion. The key to succeeding your book marketing on Amazon does more depend on your efforts to find the right genre category and to find the best readers and reviewers in the beginning. However, the most important thing is  the ‘quality of your book’ in terms of a long-term book marketing and popularity.

However, it says 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, there is no risk for you to try to know the truth of the myth of the AK Elite software, SEO tool for Amazon.com.

If you have any objection to me, please leave your review on the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

 BJ Avilla


About BJ Avilla

I am a pan-mythical thriller writer, mainly seeking for inter-religious communication, peace, and the view of relative truth. I am against all the perverted ideas and paradigms such as political Zionism and extreme nationalism as well as all types of colonialism, and religious and cultural elitism, which have been threatening world peace for many centuries. Thank you for visiting my blog.
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