Book Reviews

I. Intelligence Code, Part I – ​’Arena of Great Heroes’ (2013​)
(1) “What an engaging and informative story!
While I read and review Intelligence Code, I enjoyed the Arthurian themes especially, and the images and diagrams also really enhance educational aspects.”
(From my professional editor)

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(2)  Sung Singleton
Intelligence Code is a GREAT READ!
I happened to come across this book in my search for a better understanding of human nature in the context of diverse world religions as well as my interest in political conflicts, particularly in the Middle East. The attention-grabbing cover contained symbolic combinations of legendary objects suggesting their interrelation, making me curious to know more.

The novel follows the inter-related, ill-fated journey of Thomas Collins, Irene Shannare and Kevin Remiscu, and their destined and missionary actions as they travel through religiously significant, holistic countries. With its focus on immortality & never ending human desire, I was able to get a better grasp on human nature. Furthermore, being previously unfamiliar with druidism, I was given another outlook on materialism and life satisfaction.
Intelligence Code is a fascinating, informative, and well-researched religious and mythical book. However, it does require your full attention while reading due to complexity.
In conclusion, I will be patiently awaiting the next book of the series. As the symbol “Triskellion” lingers in my mind, I am left thinking: “Who will be our ultimate saviour, bringing peace and balance to our conflicting world?”

(3) Jin Hyung Jung
What a complex but informative story!
“While I read and review Intelligence Code, I enjoyed the theme of reincarnation and rebirth makes this story rich and challengeable to me!
Also, story line is fluid and very exciting to follow.
However, the author tried to put so many ingredients in a novel, there could be some confusion to many of readers. But, you will enjoy the religious and mythical themes if you have good backgrounds for various religious and philosophies. I believe he could penetrate into individual theme more deeply for his books.
   The foot notes were helpful for me to cover my lack of knowledge for certain areas.
   I hope he continues his journey to his historical and religious fiction writing, and I wish to try his again in the future.”


(4) Sinae Han
What a factual fiction!
“I enjoyed many different themes in the novel as the author writes in his prologue. Among them, I personally like his view of the Druids, criticism on Zionism, and the story of Historical Jesus. I understood more on Druidry since before I just thought they are lower magicians and so on. Also, I now understood Zionism being distinguished from Judaism. According to his research and novel story, real Judaism is against Zionism of the State of Israel, which is quite shocking to me.

He also dramatized the fictional life of Jesus, named Yuj Asaf, Issa etc, which caught my attention a lot.
I should read more about Athurian themes to understand more about the Celtic cultural tradition.
I think this novel could give you many things to think and learn in many different ways.
I recommend this novel if you like historical and religions fiction.

(5) Michelle
A perverted hero is becoming a savior!
“This novel has a very complex theme but a simple story of a perverted hero with a background of Irish Independence movement. I like his basic idea about anti-Zionism, criticising the violent movement of the State of Israel. However, the most attractive point this story is the fictional and prophetic relationship between Arthurian, Jewish, and some Christian myths. I learned a lot from his novel, and I am still learning.”

(6) Dharmist
What a story of Reincarnation and Rebirth!
“Wow. How come he applied the myth of King Arthur and the Knights around the table into different modern political and religious settings? It is just amazing. The part of the last battle and their tragic conversations between Collins (Reincarnation of King Arthur) and Remiscu (Reincarnation of Sir Galahad) was my favorite one. I really look forward to reading his continuing series.”


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